Phenomatics is passionate about virtual and augmented reality and its application to diverse real-world situations. We are based near Linz in Upper Austria, where we were founded in 2003. An established and competent partner for industry, with a solid reputation.

We develop interactive virtual environments. Highly realistic computer-simulated environments and more recently, real-world scanned environments.

The oil and gas sector uses our acclaimed SAVE simulator which was developed in collaboration with the Austrian oil concern OMV. Oil refinery operators learn safe procedures and correct operation of plant and equipment. Our simulations are used routinely in Austria, Germany, USA and North Africa.

Development of traffic simulations and concepts for improving road safety have also been an area of high interest and involvement in collaboration with Land Oberoesterreich.

Recent technical advances open-up huge opportunities for organizations to add value to their products, services, and operations in numerous ways by embracing VR/AR. To win new customers, to reduce operating costs, to design products better, to improve staff training.

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